Begin Life in a moment
End Life in a day
A moment in a lifetime
Where no clocks come to play

A statue in the hallway
A hallway in the door
The blood-brain barrier
’twixt now and nevermore

The room where Life is ended
Is the room where it began
Did you see yourself by looking
Or by holding out your hand?

Begin Life not with breathing
End Life with waking up
See the world you have been given
As a shattered crystal cup

Swim on waves of gravity
Through nurseries of night
Amniotic oceans
Umbilicus of light

Amniotic oceans
Umbilicus of light

Amniotic oceans
Umbilicus of light


This was a song written for a musical version of 2001: A Space Odyssey. A group of very creative friends stages “Musical Emergencies” based on movies, fables, and other source material a couple of times a year. This one was staged by me and my partner (mostly my partner, who saw the movie 10 times in the theater at age 11).

Imagine a slow, contemplative song, minor key, only four chord changes, played on organ as accompaniment.



There is no innocence in this boy-god.
His eyes have seen death and depravity
for the sake of love.
His arrows do not care what blood is drawn:
deep blood of cruel dreams, locked rooms,
denied desires.

His smile is too smirking by half, as he knows
desires denied
can bring down kingdoms
begin and end wars
and can make music a mere accompaniment
of lust.

His child-man body
His lustrous wings erect
His tiny, proud penis —
it is clear, your desire
is not his.

is to shoot an arrow to the center of you

and bring clanging down
your armor and your crown.