The Procedure Went Well 5 Apr 2018

The hour was early as I sat my silent vigil in the dark.
Well, not so silent, really.

The askance-glancing cat did not
stay long.

The partner roused, with thanks
and apologies.

The paperwork was in order. All phone numbers wrong,

Needles stuck, gas flowed, not sure if
“Walk on the Wild Side”
was appropriate soundtrack, but hey.
Rock n roll.

Back home and comfy, but

no poem today.


The Large Family

La famille nombreuse by Max Ernst

It is usually simple.
I am elsewhere, they are in another where.
Not quite shades, not quite present.
Bone, blood connected over the wires.

Here, I am in the soup,
the flavors multivalent,
a bit too salty
even for my taste.

A family full of matriarchs.