Month: April 2017


The conference of rabbits went as so:

They made a rule that only rabbits were invited.
They lit carrot-scented candles to mark the occasion.
They walked around on two legs sometimes,
a thing only done in like company.
They told jokes only rabbits would get,
and eschewed those using “hare” puns.
Their guest speaker, Peter, gave tips on gardening
and hoe-avoidance.
They called early adjournment,
as everyone was getting
a little


The battle for souls rages on
in a bell jar
in Kansas City.
from the dreams of Milton
writhe on through the ages.

How could an artist
so obsessed
remain unknown?
Did he love or hate
his fellow humans?

Unanswerable questions,
but if you look closely, you’ll see
that the God of love
and the God of smite
are crafted from the same tusk.



I got enough.
I got all I need.
Got strong legs to hop
Got pointy beak to peck
Got sharp eyes to hunt
and a field full of grubs.

Said the broke-wing raven

Flight’s overrated.
There I was, aloft
and wham
here I am.
Friends up there in the trees
spending all that energy.
Don’t need nobody.
Don’t need no one.

Said the broke-wing raven

It’s all good.
Y’all go on without me.



IMG_2298 1

I can’t imagine how puzzled
my mom must feel
to have outlived her son.

Her precious dark-haired boy,
the big one
at age 2,
meant to look after his blond
blue-eyed brother,
then curly haired
little sister,

then me, the squealing surprise package
when he
was 11.

Maybe he should have been
the baby
for a little longer,
caretaker that he was.

Never could stand
to see anyone cry, always
the one to say “It’s okay.”

I wish we’d had more time
in these years, my brother,
but I’m glad
I got to
take care of you.


Because the hour’s late
and the smell of the air gobsmacked me
into the past
this is all I can leave here.

I am fortune’s child, and how that happened
is the mystery of my earthly millisecond.
I take her gifts
and give back a few of my own,
but really,
I don’t think it’s expected.

My bikes rarely get flats,
the shower’s done before the hot water runs out,
the alternator expired at a side-road
off the busy highway,
my mother and father were never mean,

And best of all,
I can carry a tune, for
what that’s worth.