Month: April 2016


I watched the leaves change from green to autumn
from the hospital room window
that month before my daddy died.

Once, as a teenager, I told my mother
that fall would be the best time to die,
but it would be sad to miss spring.

It occurs to me that, despite decades to consider it,
I understand death a little less
than I did then.


Blessings on Pharoah

As the Israelites departed Egypt, it is written,
Pharoah asked Moses for a blessing.

Godmade mutant nature had
creeped fell hopped
flew flowed erupted
festered gnawed bit
until Pharaoh said “Let me go. By my gods and your One God, let me go.”

We will never know
what transpired between them,
Moses with his pack and stony coins of bread,
sandals untied from his haste to begone;
Pharaoh with eyes red and cheeks sunk in sorrow.

They must have heard the deafening silence outside,
broken by a lonely bleat, a sob, a slamming door.

I like to think Moses raised an eyebrow
and took his leave,

Pharoah wondering if that’s the form
this new evil god’s blessings take,
or if he had already been blessed




The Magic Brooms

One morning, all the brooms
decided to be magic again.

Across the world, one by one,
straw by straw, all
awoke to their calling.

In closets, they twitched,
In hardware stores, they nestled

As one, the brooms arose,
guided by mysterious radar
to find their rider.

Dust, freed, arose as well,
and alas,
the brooms returned to work,
sweeping clean the skies.

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Magic does as magic must.


The Ninth

This kiss for the whole wide world, he wrote,
but without an embrace of his own
to quiet the klaxons between his useless ears,
he continued conducting to a silent hall.

Tortured and divine, and in the end merely mortal,
his unhappiness and hopefulness is eternal.

Embrace each other now, you millions.